Tuesday 19 September, 2017 -

Class record 18 September 2017

Class record 18 September 2017

Because of the upcoming grading the structure of training will be as follows; we will start with either drills or rolling and move on to the Kihon Happo practice. After the break we will separate into two groups where kyu graded students will practice their material and Dan grades will continue the study of Shinden Fudo Ryu.

The beginners training started with a little warm up and stretching, then continued to rolling:
1. Zenpo kaiten (front roll)
2. Koho kaiten (back roll)

We looked at basic punching and blocking, with emphasis on the direction you move (“magic” angle 45° diagonally backwards) from different distances long and short.
1. Zenpo tsuki (forward punch)
2. Jodan Uke (high block)


In the other class we have covered first two techniques in Kihon Happo:
1. Ichimonji no kata
2. Hicho no kata

After the break kyu graded students started to prepare for the upcoming grading and Dan grade students continued with study of Shinden Fudo Ryu and henka:

把拳    Haken (Akuken)  – grasping/bunching fist

At the end of the training we looked at the first technique in Batto Jutsu, the horizontal draw.