Wednesday 27 September, 2017 -

Class record 25 September 2017

Class record 25 September 2017

We had a great turnout of high graded students on Monday, so the structure of the training was modified accordingly. In the beginners course everyone had the opportunity to train with a Dan graded student.

The beginners training started with warm up and stretching, then continuing to rolling:
1. Zenpo kaiten (front roll)
2. Koho kaiten (back roll)

After that we looked at the ways to protect yourself if you’re on the ground and way of getting up from that position while being protected.
We also started to learn about wrist locks. First one we did is called Omote Gyaku. This is one of the techniques from Kihon Happo, eight fundamental techniques in Bujinkan. We practiced it from a grab and a punch. 


In the main class we started with drills for basic punching, blocking and kicking
1. Zenpo Tsuki and Jodan Uke
2. Zenpo Keri 

We continued with study of Kihon Happo and Omote Gyaku from a grab and later on from a grab and a punch. A thing to notice here was that the angle you move from a punch is not 45° diagonally backwards, but just to the side and following with a punch to the biceps before doing the Omote gyaku.

After a short break, we split into two groups and while kyu graded students were doing their grading preparation, the Dan graded students did the last technique from Shinden Fudo Ryu.
垂柳     Suiryu – weeping willow

We were able to connect that kata with the idea of Muto Dori that Soke is working on and has decided will be the theme of the year.