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Class record Monday 08 May 2017

Class record Monday 08 May 2017

Our dojo is quite busy recently. We have started a new beginners course and 9 new people joined our dojo. A big welcome to all. We also have the Kyu grading in in the next couple of weeks, so the grading preparation is underway. 

The beginners course started with warmup, little running to get the blood flowing followed by full body stretching, from head to toes.

After that we looked at two basic ukemi (rolls)
1. Zenpo kaiten (front roll)
2. Koho kaiten (back roll)

The training finished with practicing the Zenpo Tsuki (Fudo ken), the basic punch found in Bujinkan.


Second class started with some rolling; zenpo kaiten, koho nagare and yoko nagare.
Main difference between “kaiten” and “nagare” is that in kaiten you move forward and cover bigger distance while in “nagare” you roll underneath yourself and use it for shorter distances (personal observation).

After getting our sweat on, we started to look into Koshi nage (hip throw) and various henka on top of it, in relation to how the opponent moves and resists.

On the second part of training (after break) kyu graded students were preparing for the upcoming grading and black belts were training Koto Ryu.
抒投 Yokutō – scoop up and throw