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Class record Monday 14 August 2017

Class record Monday 14 August 2017

After our teacher came back from another Japan trip, we have started to study the first two levels of Shinden Fudo Ryu (Immovable Heart School).

On the first part of the training we did Muto Dori against a knife. The emphasis was on light movement and timing, locking the weapon on the body and using taijutsu to move into the position where you can easily apply the lock, deploy a punch or a kick.

Very interesting point was made here in giving the attacker a target, which he/she thinks they’ve hit but didn’t, expecting resistance and compromising their balance. Followed by giving them slight support they think it is there and removing the same which makes the attacker lose their balance.


On the second part of the training senior students (that went to Japan with our teacher) demonstrated techniques from Shinden Fudo Ryu.

日撃     Nichi Geki – solar strike

月肝     Gekkan – moon liver