Tuesday 16 May, 2017 -

Class record Monday 15 May 2017

Class record Monday 15 May 2017

There were two trainings this evening; beginner course and normal class.

The beginner course started with a little bit of running to get the blood flowing and full body stretching; head, arms, shoulders, hips, knees and legs.

Following that we repeated the basic rolls :
1. Zenpo kaiten
2. Koho kaiten

And continued on with punching and blocking:
1. Zenpo tsuki (Fudo ken)
2. Jodan uke


In the other class we looked at rolling at a bit faster pace :
1. Zenpo kaiten
2. Zenpo hicho kaiten
3. Koho kaiten
4. Yoko kaiten

After that we moved on to some free flowing techniques, practiced Koshi nage (hip throw) and defence against it as taught in Koto Ryu - second kata:
押虚 Ōgyaku – push into space

On the second part of the training kyu graded students were (with the help of black belts) preparing for the upcoming grading.