Monday 9 October, 2017 - Class record

Ganseki Nage - Muso Dori

Ganseki Nage - Muso Dori

Tonight we came to the last kata in the Torite Kihon Gata 捕手基本型  (hand capture foundation forms) section of the Kihon Happo: Ganseki Nage 巌石投, or Boulder Throw.

Some discussion was had referencing Muso Dori 武双捕 both warrior capture, which is sometimes used in the Kihon Happo depending on who is teaching it. This may stem from the fact that the descriptions of each of these waza is almost identical in the Shidoshi manual: Ten Chi Jin Ryaku no Maki. So we looked also at Muso Dori and let it evolve, from a more dynamic setup with a punch.

After the break the Kyusha studied their individual grading syllabi for the upcoming tests (October 23rd), while the dan grades helped out.