Friday 4 June, 2021 -

Beginner’s courses for Summer 21

Beginner’s courses for Summer 21

Upcoming training opportunities for new people coming in Summer 2021. Are you ready?

Interested in starting training with us? A lot of people are feeling the effects of an extended period of lockdown and now that it looks like the pandemic is winding down, it's natural to want to get back out there and start living a normal life again.

We feel that too, and we're looking forward to welcoming new people to the dojo soon. But not quite yet.

At the moment, we're operating outdoor classes in our front yard, masked, sanitised and focusing on socially distanced training using the six foot staff and wooden sword. These classes aren't suitable for new students, only for existing members. Soon though, from June 7th, we'll be able to move partially back indoors to our dojo, and we hope to have a new 8 week beginner's course ready to start in July. We have one existing course from last year that was paused in October that we're going to start again from scratch, and we're going to do a new course to run at the same time. This will have space for around six people.

If you'd like to take part in this course, you need to make sure your e-mail address is in our database - go to the beginner's section of the site and enter it there.

We'll let this list know first when tickets go on sale. They'll go quickly, so don't delay.