Zen Calligraphy Classes

Wednesday 28 February, 2024 -

Zen Calligraphy Classes

Shodo classes, starting March 23rd, 2024

Welcome to our Zen Calligraphy Course, where the brush meets mindfulness in a journey of artistic expression. Discover the meditative strokes of calligraphy and unlock the profound benefits it offers for your mental well-being. Join us on a path that harmonizes the art of writing with the tranquility of the mind, fostering inner peace and creativity.

The first term will consist of six sessions, which will focus on a specific concept/flow of thought, kanji to paint and techniques involved.

Place: Namiryu Dojo
Weekly session: every Saturday from 14.00 to 15.00
Price for 6 sessions: €90,00
Material provided: 
-washi rice paper 
-generic mood seals

Materials to bring with you:
•⁠  ⁠a black old t-shirt to use as a mat or something you are not afraid to stain
•⁠  ⁠2 paperweights (can be anything: I use smooth rocks)
•⁠  ⁠An A3 folder to bring back home your works
•⁠  ⁠A saucer for your ink (anything flat: soy sauce’s ones are perfect)

For any questions or bookings, please reach out to Andrea Traversa at 0831031621