Tuesday 5 September, 2017 -

Class record 4 September 2017

Class record 4 September 2017

As we have started a new beginners course on Monday the dojo is pretty busy. A lot of people showed up and the training atmosphere was great.

The beginners training started with explanations of Dojo etiquette and proper bowing.

After that we looked at 3 different stances (kamae) that are found in Bujinkan.
1. Seiza no kamae (seating position)
2. Shizen no kamae (natural standing position)
3. Ichimonji no kamae

We moved on to some punching drills and briefly looked at wrist locks
1. Zenpo tsuki (forward punch)
2. Omote gyaku (outside reversal)


On the next class have continued our study of Shinden Fudo Ryu.

We have finished the first level, Ten No kata and moved on to second level:
地之型  Chi no Kata – earth forms

These are techniques that start from a seated position (seiza, fudoza). We looked at the first two kata:
理拳     Riken – reason fist
心拳     Shinken – heart fist

Afterwards we practiced some Muto Dori henka against sword attacks. Focused on different directions we can move to (front left and right) while trying to get the timing right at the last possible second.