‘Experience Japan’ 2023

Sunday 30 April, 2023 - Video clips

‘Experience Japan’ 2023

Budo in the park.

On Sunday April 30th, we took part once again in the Experience Japan festival held in the Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Nine Japanese martial arts gave demonstrations or 'embu' and the event was really well attended. As always, congratulations to the organisers who always do such a good job. 

We gave two seperate demos on the day, one on the martial arts stage and one on the main event stage. The second one was notable for an absolute deluge of rain that fell, making the job of the guys wearing armour all the more impressive. Well done to Dai Shihan Tom Clements and Shidoshi Andrea Traversa for their performance. Training comes in many forms.

Check out a highlight video at this link below and visit our youtube channel to see more footage from the event.