Monday 23 October, 2017 - Class record

Oni Kudaki

Oni Kudaki

Yesterday we had a very busy day in the dojo. It was the last training of our beginners group and in the main class we had grading for Kyu graded students. Everyone who graded last night has passed. Big congratulations to everyone, your grades are well deserved and your effort does not go unnoticed.

The beginners training was fast paced and we did;


          Zenpo kaiten (front roll – from squatting and standing )
          Koho kaiten (back roll – from squatting and standing)
          Zenpo Hicho Kaiten (dive roll)

Punching, blocking and kicking

          Zenpo tsuki (or fudo ken) from Ichimonji no kamae
          Jodan Uke (high block)
          Zenpo keri (forward kick)


          Omote Gyaku


The regular class started with rolling and breakfall practice, all very past paced.

After that we focused on

鬼砕 Oni Kudaki (to break the demons back) and henka.

After a short break, we have started with the grading while rest of the class continued training; Mutodori against Bokken and Bo followed by breaking the opponents structure by taking their balance using very little force.