Taihenjutsu 体変術

Tuesday 1 August, 2023 -

Taihenjutsu 体変術

Some thoughts on Taihenjutsu 体変術

It’s common to interpret this aspect of ninpo taijutsu as meaning rolling or falling, and that is part of it but it’s not all of it. The ability to change in accordance to the changing nature of circumstances is a hugely powerful ability. Perhaps the most powerful.

Much human suffering comes from an inability to do this, from being too hung up on expectations of how you think things should be, to the point that you can’t see them for what they actually are. In Buddhism, there is an expression - ‘attachment is the root of all suffering’. We can also see this in the expression - ‘In life, pain is inevitable but suffering is optional’ and even in the idea ‘expectation is the thief of joy.’

Attitude is everything and the ability to change your mind, your body and ultimately your life to best suit the circumstances around you is life changing.