Friday 3 July, 2020 -

The world turns

The world turns

Training is back on. After a break of several months as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, during which we stayed in touch with the student base through private live streams and by creating a new library of home/solo training clips, we're slowly getting back to normal. Or at least, what passes for normal these days. 

As soon as it become advisible to do so, we started back training using our outdoor front yard area for socially distanced training. With everyone wearing facemasks (the irony, a bunch of ninja wearing masks) and focusing solely on Kukishin Ryu Bo to facilitate social distancing, we've been doing what we can. 

However since June 29th, we've been able to hold classes back indoors. We have given the dojo a seriously deep clean, and have a new cleaning regime that sees the matted area scrubbed by hand with soap and water after each class, and then disinfected with an anti-bacterial solution.