Kids Classes

Fun, games and ninja training every Tuesday evening.

Kids Classes - Starting Summer 2021

Looking for fun and engaging activities for your kids?

We offer weekly kids classes aimed at kids in two age groups:

  • Little Ninja, aged 6 to 9 years of age

  • Samurai Kids, aged 10 to 14 years of age

Our goal in these classes is for your kids to have fun in an environment where they are safe and secure, and where they can learn the basics of a fun martial art. They’ll be taught how to fall safely, tumble and roll on padded surfaces, how to escape grabs and holds and how to stay safe when they’re out and about.

We’ll play games that will improve their fitness, sharpen their reflexes and challenge their growing sense of confidence in their own physicality. We’ll teach them how to deal with bullies, how to stay safe in public spaces and how to handle conflict using their words, not their fists, when conflict arises.

We’ll build their confidence, make them resilient and, importantly, we’ll tire them out.

All kids’ classes are taught by licensed, experienced and insured black belt instructors of the Bujinkan Dojo and we actively encourage parents to stay and watch for the duration of their kids’ class if they want to.

Instructors are Garda vetted and our Dojo is a member of the Irish Martial Arts Commission, the Government recognised body for supervising martial arts in Ireland.


Day: Tuesday Time: 5pm
Fees: To be confirmed
Location: Bujinkan Namiryu Dojo, 19 Greenmount Lane, Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6W.

Facebook group: NinjaKidsDublin

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