Kids Classes

Fun, games and ninja training every Saturday morning.

Next term starting Nov 5

Looking for fun and engaging activities for your kids?

We offer weekly kids classes each Saturday morning, aimed at kids in two age groups:

Saturday morning at the Bujinkan Namiryu Dojo

10:30am - 11:15am Little Ninja, aged 6 to 9 years of age

11:30am - 12:15pm Samurai Kids, aged 10 to 14 years of age

Our goal in these classes is for your kids to have fun in an environment where they are safe and secure, and where they can learn the basics of a fun martial art. They’ll be taught how to fall safely, tumble and roll on padded surfaces, how to escape grabs and holds and how to stay safe when they’re out and about.

We’ll play games that will improve their fitness, sharpen their reflexes and challenge their growing sense of confidence in their own physicality. We’ll teach them how to deal with bullies, how to stay safe in public spaces and how to handle conflict using their words, not their fists, when conflict arises.

We’ll build their confidence, make them resilient and, importantly, we’ll tire them out. 

Class fees:

Each term costs €90 and parents/kids are welcome to watch a class at any time. There is a 20 per cent discount for any additional family members that would like to train.

How do I reserve a place for my child?

We have ten places for Little Ninja and 12 places for Samurai Kids each term. These places are filled in two ways. First, kids who trained last term get priority. Any spaces left are then offered to our waiting list. If you'd like to enquire to see if a term is full, just drop us a mail here and we'll let you know. Also, you can leave your e-mail in the form below and we'll mail out around two weeks before the start of term to offer out any places that are available. 

Are there additional costs?

Yes, uniforms are required but are available through many online retailers and cost between €20 and €30. We wear plain black lightweight karate uniforms, and they usually come with a white belt. You can get them here or here.

Are there changing facilities?

Yes, but no. We train in a full time facility with ladies and gents changing areas, but we ask that all kids arrive already dressed for class, either in their uniform or in loose fitting clothing suitable for exercising in.

What about parking?

There is free parking next to the dojo in Greenmount Industrial Estate, but please remember that despite technically being part of the estate, our entrance is actually off Greenmount Lane. So if you park in the estate, you'll need to walk around to access the dojo.

What is ninpo taijutsu? What will my child learn?

In our adult classes, we teach a comprehensive Japanese martial art, designed to provide practitioners with self defence skills based on a deep historical legacy. For kids, we teach a version of this same art but focus on their unique needs and capabilities. For example, the kids version of our martial art focuses on escaping dangerous situations rather than confrontation, prioritises de-escalation and avoiding conflict where possible and is mostly concerned with being a fun and interesting way to get some exercise and learn some solid skills. 

Everything in our kids classes is taught in a child-centric and age appropriate way. While we do teach self-defence skills like punching and kicking, escaping holds and avoiding dangerous situations, we don’t teach kids to be aggressive. 

What does an average class consist of? 

Classes are 45 minutes long and can include any or all of the following:  

  • a warm up
  • a stretching session (Ryutai Undo)
  • learning how to fall and roll safely, jump, climb and dive (Ukemi Taihenjutsu)
  • fighting stances (Kamae)
  • escapes from holds and restraints (Hajutsu)
  • how to do various throws (Nagewaza)
  • ‘mat chats’ on ninpo and how to apply the ideas in class
  • Fundamental movement skills (FMS) that promote agility, balance, coordination and speed.

Activities change every 5 to 10 minutes and alternate between ninpo specific skills, and fundamental movement skills (FMS), which covers locomotive, object control and stability skills. Your child will spend 45 minutes running, jumping, crawling and playing skill-specific games, while also learning the basics of an ancient martial art.

Mat chats: what are our values?

Children are not mini adults. They need guidance to maximise their potential, and this has to come from their parents. We see our role as being to reinforce and help develop the lessons they’re learning at home and in school. 

Our core value is that martial arts should give kids confidence, improve their social skills and make them more responsible and dependable. We don’t encourage violence and always focus on how to de-escalate and defuse tense situations. 

That said, we want our kids to be able to escape from being grabbed or restrained, to have the confidence to stand up for themselves and to know that they have a right to bodily autonomy. 

Teacher qualifications.

All kids’ classes are taught by licensed, experienced and insured black belt instructors of the Bujinkan Dojo and we actively encourage parents to stay and watch for the duration of their kids’ class if they want to. Instructors include Alex Meehan Daishihan and Plamena Atanasova Shidoshi, both of whom are Garda vetted.

Our Dojo is a member of the Irish Martial Arts Commission, the Government recognised body for supervising martial arts in Ireland.

I have a question?
No problem. Drop us an e-mail here and we'll do our best to get back to you promptly.

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