Image of two people in yoroi demonstrating a technique



Here are some video clips shot at our dojo in Harold's Cross, Dublin. We have a full YouTube channel, but this page will be updated every now and again as new videos are published.

This is what we do

Jul 23

A brief overview of some aspects of our training at the Harold's Cross dojo in Dublin, Ireland

Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu, Kusarifundojutsu & Tojutsu, with Andrej Jasenc

Jun 23

A sequence from the seminar taught by Andrej Jasenc Daishihan on Saturday May 27, 2023. Training focused on Gyokko Ryu, as well as kusarifundo & sword. Big thanks to Andrej for coming from Slovenia & for being so generous with his time and efforts.

Mainstage embu at Experience Japan 2023

Jun 23

We performed two embu, or demonstrations, at Experience Japan 2023. 

Martial arts stage embu at Experience Japan 2023

May 23

A crowd-shot video of a demonstration given on April 30, 2023 as part of the Experience Japan Festival. This took place at Farmleigh House, in the Phoenix Park, Dublin.