Thinking of taking up Japanese martial arts?

If you're interested in joining our training group, you should get in touch. 

Here's the general process by which people start training with us.

We ask everyone to come and watch a class first before we let them train. During this session we can talk to you directly to asses your goals and see if you are a good match for what we do. You will also get an opportunity to see what our training looks like, and to assess the atmosphere to see if this is the kind of place you'd like to spend time.

In general we're looking for motivated people of all ages and physicality. You don't need to be young and fit but you do need to be prepared to improve on whatever level of flexibility and fitness you might have.

So if you'd like to watch a class, send us an email at this link with a brief introduction - tell us your age, fitness level, gender and any martial arts experience you might have that you feel is relevant. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the dojo to anyone we feel isn't a good match, but that's quite rare. The main restriction on membership is that we don't take students with criminal records.  

If after you watch a class, you decide you'd like to train then you'll be invited to our classes held three times a week. The first month (or remaining portion of the month) is free, and then you'll be expected to set up a direct debit to continue training with us. You can see the current fee structure here.

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